Emily Jewell

Hub Director, Upper Norwood Library Trust

Currently Co-Hub Director for the Upper Norwood Library Trust providing strategic oversight and leadership to the Upper Norwood Library hub – a social enterprise nestled in the heart of Crystal Palace, SE London. With over 25 years’ experience of working in business, the public and Third Sector, Emily specialises in business development, fundraising, housing, environmental issues, health & well-being and large-scale programme/service delivery. She has previously worked as a senior manager at Groundwork London and done extensive work in the disability rights and environmental sectors. As a self-starter Emily has been involved in the foundation of multiple businesses taking them from conception to enterprise giving her insight and expertise in business growth and the business life cycle.

What was your main motivation to carve your organisation with a social conscience?
To protect and conserve community mental, physical and social health and to relentlessly remind government of their moral obligation to provide free learning and education support for all.

How do you tackle the highs and lows of running an organisation?
Highs: Improving peoples’ life chances – tackled by creating a cultural environment where people can realise their talents, fulfil their ambitions, feel supported, learn and grow through people-centric leadership,. These are principles that are instilled throughout our organisation, at every level, enabling us to collectively contribute to our common cause.
Relationship management is also a personal high and connecting with people on a variety of levels / issues / thinking – tackled by being myself.

Lows: Income, the battle for long-term sustainability and financial security – tackled by constant re-valuation, re-invention and thinking outside of the box. Constant assessment of need and want or just good old fashioned demand and supply.

What is the one book we should read, podcast we should listen to or piece of art we should encounter to better understand the world of social enterprise?
Banksy’s Devolved Parliament
Banksy Beggar ” Keep your coins, I want change”

What are you interested in that most people aren’t and should be?

What’s a project you’ve dreamed about but haven’t started yet?
Building confidence in extremely shy children.

What’s the most ridiculous think you have ever done in the name of Social Enterprise?Gosh I’m not sure I can think of anything – I think this will have to be an ambition, or shall we say challenge!

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Just for funIf someone made a film of your work, who would you ask to play you?
Judi Dench.

Tea or G and T?
Both – but not at the same time.